About Me

You can find me setting up movie dates with my Special Olympics friends & sometimes we go out to eat afterward’s. Friends & family are what I live for. I am someone that likes to have fun.

I was born intellectually challenged. Although I was in Special Ed most of my School years; High School I was in what they call “Basic classes”.  In school I was made fun of just because I am a little slower then others. All my life I just wanted to be like other non-handicapped people. Just get to know others that are different. You don’t know what you might find. 

I’ve been involved in the Special Olympics for more than twenty years as an athlete & I volunteer too. My sports are bowling, long-distance walking & swimming. In the past I have participated in Equestrian, Golf, and Track & Field.  But I would rather stick to Swimming.

I when to the 1999 Special Olympics World Summer Games in North Carolina participating in swimming. Arnold Schwarzenegger even went through the whole pool and shook everyone’s hand.

Special Olympics has been good for me. I believe you win know mater if you win or loose. Most athletes don’t know any better. Some just want to get 1st place all the time. Some just like the fun, being around friends, or both. I compete in swimming to try and get my time down. Swimming is good for the whole body and it’s good fitness.

So many of us don’t know what to say to others that are different.  I am one of them; I was just born Borderline intellectually Challenged. Where the worse case is Severely Intellectually Challenged. We just want to be like others know matter how intellectually challenged we are.

Get involved with Special Olympics, you will be glad you did.  To find Special Olympics in your County use the Program Locator.


I am in Aktion Club, The Arc , ALPs (Athlete Leadership Program) Through ALPs, athletes serve on Boards of Directors or local organizing committees. Athletes excel as spokespersons, team captains, coaches and officials.

I am in Masters Swimming. In the past I have tried out for the Paralympics Swimming Time Trials in 1996 and 2000.

If you get me on a subject I know about, we can talk a good wile. I think you should get to know someone face to face before dating them romantically. I am shy when it comes to dating someone I have a crush on.

Not being in a real relationship before makes it hard for me to get close to someone, but I am willing to try. Taking things slow is mush better for me to get to know someone. I talk a lot sometimes about things that I know well.

You can find me reading so I don’t get board. My most favorite books are romance fiction. I can be lazy and much unorganized some of the time. My friends tell me I can be goofy at times.

I expected others to treat me just the same as they would treat their friends. I am learning what others learn in life. Leaning toward God sometimes I hope will lead me down the right path someday. Life isn’t easy for those like me. I want to be understood from the inside out. I like to look at the stars. I am just trying to find my way in the world, who I want to be and what I want in life.


My favorite movies are romantic comedies. I also like action, adventure, drama, family, fantasy, musical, romance, sci-fi, comedies (not the ones like Tropic Thunder that make fun of people), animated,  I’m a fan of Superman, Spiderman, and Harry Potter, Star Wars. The 10th Kingdom is the best fairytale of them all.

The 50’s era was the best and the music is hot. All thou I like country music the best. It’s easier for me to understand.


Lincoln Heights, Brothers & Sisters, Pushing Daisies, Wildfire, Ghost Whisperer, Doctor Who, Bionic Woman, Oprah, Bones, House, Kyle XY, Stargate Atlantis, Boston Legal, Life is Wild, Flash Gordon, CBS Evening News, Little People, Big World, Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, I can’t miss Smallville.


Light Rock, Jim Brickman, Barry Manilow, Celine Dion, and many more. But Jazz, Rap, & Classical. I have been to some great concerts; Barry Manilow, Lonestar, Celine Dion, and Jim Brickman.


10th Kingdom, Grace Chapel Inn by Guideposts, Janette Oke books, some Star Wars books, The Ultimate Gift, His Dark Materials, and Nickolas Sparks books.

R is for RESPECT. Not the other r word. To find out more, go to the link.



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